FORWARD ENERGY SDN BHD (“Forward Energy”) is a special purpose vehicle company incorporated for the purpose of developing Electrical Power Generation, Co-Generation, Fuel Cells, Transmission and Distribution projects in Malaysia and Internationally.

FORWARD ENERGY is the lead partner of a consortium comprised of companies from Malaysia as well as other world-class companies and consultancies with interest in the energy sector.

The personnel and associates of Forward Energy are highly qualified engineers, scientists, technologists and other professionals who have acquired vast experience in undertaking the Preliminary Studies, Design, Development, Financing, Construction, Operation & Management of electrical and energy related projects.

Forward Energy has the capability of proposing various systems from electricity generation only, to tri-generation to meet clients’ needs.

Tapping on current state of the art technology in power generation with the independence from being locked into a particular generation system by equipment manufacturers.

Forward Energy and its partners are able to develop a system best suited to a particular requirement. Current fuel specific power generation systems include gas, coal and multi-fuelled. Of major concern to the clients are emission levels; hence, the implementation of new technology available for power plants that produces ultra-low pollution levels while maintaining high efficiencies, for instance – Fuel Cells.

The current technologies being introduced that would drastically reduce emission levels in compliance with the standards set by the Kyoto Protocol are the highlight of our products that we will be promoting, which will transcend to being the future for Power Generation.

Through strategic partnerships, used and refurbished power plants with full warranty are also available if required by the client.